august 30, 2011


It's obvious that this band has already climbed the top. It's been over a year since the fall of "I AM GHOST" but that doesn't stop Steven Juliano to make even better music.

Requiem For The Dead is a new band created by Steven, Ty and Finn. This new record is full of suprises that will take you on a journey that i'm afraid you will never get out of.

The first song, "Sad Boy Meets Sad Girl" Could remind you of an intro song that Angels & Airwaves could have done. It's like floating around in space and looking down on your loved ones. This song is just beautiful.

With "Blonde To Red" takes you a little bit heavier with some really cool guitar licks that blends really well with an 80's kinda drum loop in the verses.

"I'm No Angel" It's a song that keeps you pumped. It starts with this cool trance sound and then bursts into a heavy beat lead by catchy hard guitars with verses i never thought i would hear in a song. Vocals that keeps you hooked with screams of pain and anguish.

"All That I Wanted" Starts with something that could remind you of Alkaline Trio with their dark tones. The breakdown part, again gives you that awesome floating in space vibe. A really good song that is filled with sadness and dark tones

"The Terrible Tale Of Two" Is a song that you just want to sit by yourself and think of the people you have lost in your life. The female vocals just give's you goosebumps, specially mixed with the sad cello parts, piano and the acoustic guitars.

Overall this is a really amazing record that will make you want more and more. Requiem For The Dead has a really unique sound that fits this band perfect. If you took "Angels & Airwaves" and "I AM GHOST" and mixed them together, you'll have "Requiem For The Dead" This has got to be the best Steven has done so far. The soundtrack of your life.

Some of the highlights on this album: Blonde To Red, I'm No Angel, The Terrible Tale Of Two, All That I Wanted, The Death Note Of Shipwrecks.

This is only the beginning of something great.

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