april 04, 2014


Requiem For The Dead is back with a brand new single from their upcoming album "The Explainable Truth" after a long break. The band has been working hard the last months to prepare for their new album and an upcoming European tour. During the recording process there's also been a new line up change, like last time when they released "Memories". But will this affect the writing and style of the band? Well see.

Their new single "Say Hello To The Devil For Me" is a song that starts with the overal familiar RFTD theme, but still adds a new type of style that sounds like Avenged Sevenfold. They decided to go for a screamo/hardcore style with the singing on the main verses, which is really cool if they could pull it off. It sounds like the lead singer has trouble screaming the parts because it sounds very forced and it makes me think if he was sitting on the toilet while doing it. Overall the song has a good RFTD vibe but also reminds you a lot of I Am Ghost. Not sure what they are aiming for style vise for this album but it looks like they have a urge of changing style for each time they release an album and members. Looking forward to the album to see what helse they have mixed up.

Not their best song, but still a good tune!


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