februar 22, 2010

Zombie games are always fun to play. Left 4 Dead 2 is simply a great game if you love killing zombies and run around. The game isn't that brilliant, the levels are simple, and you won't have to think alot to get through them.

I love both games, mostly because killing Zombies are fun. You can play together with 4 friends or online, which is great, because i miss having these kind of games where you can play with a friend or friends. Some of the Zombies are more enoing than the first game. In this one you have a jockey, that jumps on top of you rides you like a horse, he even makes horse sounds. A spitter that spits green acid on you, which you also can get in a canister to throw at the Zombies. Many new weapons and other stuff to enjoy on your Zombie hunt.

Perfect to play on a friday night when your girlfriend is at work.

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