februar 22, 2010

CALABRESE III: They Call Us Death

When i first heard "The Traveling Vampire Show" i was speechless. How could a band make an album that great? That album is the greatest Horror Punk album EVER (after my opinion) With great songs like "Vampires Don't Exist, Your Ghost, The House Of Mysterious Secrets, Death Eternal"

Then The guys were planning a new album, and at one point i was thinking, how could they ever make an album that can beat "The Traveling"

So i opened the cd and pushed the play button and started listening. After one song i was stunned, speechless. It was simply the BEST i had heard in a LONG time, like Frankestein long time. As the songs go on and on, i'm still speechless.

The new album title is awesome and it was picked out by a fan.

Calabrese has pulled it off again, this album is simply pure horror punk, and they never disappoint. Calabrese have put a lot of GREAT effort in this album, something you can hear, because you can really feel the great new sound and the shivering inside your bones.

Calabrese is here to stay and to scare you to death with their scaring horror sound, because no one can pull this off like they do and that is what made me fell in love with these guys. They are coming to get you. Their new sound is like a punch in the face and a stab in the back. After 12 new songs was done i just wanted MORE.

So will you.

Songs to check out. "They Call Us Death, Black Anathema, Near Twilight, Loveless God"

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