januar 26, 2012


"There is a storm coming"

Again i'm stunned by the things Steven Juliano does. From creating one the best bands that have ever existed to another new band that will be even bigger... Steven now comes out with a book... Yeah that's right people... a book, not only one... but ten. That's something i like to call the mind of a genius.

Once you start reading this book, you will never be the same. You just want more and more until there is nothing left of you. I seriously can't put this book away, it keeps you interested and focused every time. I almost got late for work, just because i couldn't put away the damn book.

Lovers And Kings takes you on a journey into a world of darkness that mixes a lot of elements that could remind you of Alice In Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty. It's like Tim Burton meets Steve Niles.

The story is based in a small town called Bezonvaux, France. The year is 1916 and a storm is approaching. As the storm came the sun disappeared and the tap-tap-tapping started again. Something was hiding under the children's bed and it wasn't the first time they would smell the dark things and the crying coming from under their beds. These things are referred as "Icky sticky dark things" and has been hiding under their beds for a long time. Obviously these things want these children..... When a fifth child is being found guttered just outside the moors. Most of the children starts to wear masks to disguise themselves when they are playing, in fear of not being kidnapped and killed. They would never ever take them off after being told that there was killer in the deep woods. The child's fingers and feet's were missing. Suddenly half of the village's children where gone missing, while some of them were found dead in their beds with oranges under their pillows..

So people, i don't want to spoil too much about this book, because i really want you all to read it for yourself... I'm guessing you all have read the 19 pages preview? so you probably know what i'm talking about.

It's not everyday you read a book and you actually smile everytime you're about to turn the next page because you are so excited for what's gonna happen. Can't wait for Book Two.

In my mind Steven has shown us a new type of book that i've never seen before. He doesn't just give us a plain simple boring type of book, where you only have black on white, but he actually gives us the whole package with awesome art created by Steven himself, more than some other book author would have done. He creates and puts everything he loves and breathes into this book which can be seen how the book is created. A fantastic book that makes ordinary books look like shit. (No offense to book lovers)

Find a dark spot in your home, turn of the lights, put on a reading lamp, get comfy in your chair and prepare yourself for a journey into the mind of Steven juliano.....

And yes...

"Monsters Do Exist"

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