januar 29, 2012


Aiden's breakthrough came when they released "Nightmare Anatomy". That was the year when i started listen to them, and still i love that album, a nice blend of rock, screamo and gothic sound.

I really stopped listen to them when they released their album "Knives", cause i thought their sound took an whole new direction which kinda threw me off. That was also the year their guitarist Jake Wambold had left Aiden.

Some Kind Of Hate, really caught my attention again, just like the first time i heard of them. The new album is mixed with punk and catchy tunes that really takes you back to the old days when you were a teenager and skating through the park. For this record there were only two of the original members left.

The first song "There Will Be Blood" starts with a guy reading some lines before it burst into that old good Aiden wibe, it could easily be a song from Nightmare Anatomy. Catchy guitar riffs, mixed with punk drums.

"Broken Bones" One of the best songs on the album, gives you a Nofx drum beat with great guitar sounds and catchy vocals.

"London Dungeon" Originally by The Misfits. Aiden really loves covering their favorite bands, they also have done this on previous records, including Alkaline Trio's Radio. I think Aiden really gives this song a fresh start.

"In The End" Gives you a blend of punk song that gives you a Black Flag feeling and it cuts into a breakdown that turns slow and emotional. A really nice blend.

Overall this is a great record, takes you back to the old Aiden which i really dig, cause it sure reminds me of Nightmare Anatomy. This record is really personal according to WiL... I only wish they had all of their original members again, but the two new ones surely gives a fresh new sound to the band and that's a great thing.

Some of the highlights on the album: Broken Bones, There Will Be Blood, Deactivate, In The End, The Courage To Carry On.

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