mai 06, 2012


Hello Zombies.

The priest here. Thought i would fill you guys in on what's been going on with this podcast. It's been years, months, days since we have done something, and to be honest, that's a shame. Well i'm reviewing stuff here on our blog but it's ages since we were on the air. Hopefully that is about to change very soon.

Geek the freak has buried himself back into the ground, Heavy H is gone forever, Weed Jekyll is fighting zombies with the army and me, The Priest, well i'm always gonna be here, because this blog will never die no matter what.

For the final conclusion, we will be back with new episodes very soon, where we talk about your favorite horror movies/music/games/books.

Meanwhile keep checking back to our updated website/blog.

Stay dead and eat brains.


The Priest.

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