februar 11, 2012


Ok ghouls. Requiem For The Dead just posted on their twitter "what's everyone's favorite track off their debut album "Always and Forever" and why?" So i thought i would answer that here on our blog, because this will require a lot of writings.

Ok, let's start.

In my mind their debut album is not about having a favorite track, cause i really think this album is really great. So my favorite track is the whole album. Their song writing is incredible. It's a journey through life basically, well that's how i feel it. I know when i'm always down or in a bad mood i always listen to this album cause it gives you a feeling of hope. I really recommend people that are struggling through bad times in their life to really sit down and listen to this record. It will really help you through the rough times. Too bad the record will at some point end. Repeat is the only answer then.

Requiem For The Dead doesn't just create good music, but something you can relate to in your life.

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