mai 09, 2012


Another Amityville horror movie?

Yeah, it's true, we have another Amityville Horror movie. This is the 10th movie in the series. The movie is claimed to be an actual found footage that somehow documents the horrifying experiences of a new family that moves into the house. Looks like everyone that moves into this house is being haunted by the paranormal, can't they just tell people about what's going on in this house before they put it up for sale all the time? Guess not. 

I love the story about the Amityville horror, and i think it's a disturbing story, but haven't we seen to many movies about the Amityville house? Looks like they tried to go a different way with this movie, including the found footage variant. Like we never seen any movies going in that direction. To name a few "The Blair witch Project, Paranormal Activity, [REC], Paranormal Entity, The Last Exorcism and many more.

"The movie starts with a bunch of teenagers that breaks into the Amityville house, trying to investigate the house, and yes they are filming everything. After a few  minutes we see a couple having sex. Wow, how inconvenient, it then cuts to some other teenagers who also are about to have sex, but they get interrupted by a sound, then the camera guy get's attack and blood spills all over the floor before it goes black. We then cut to the Benson family who moves into the house. Tyler Benson, a teenage boy, uses his camcorder to record the experiences of himself, his two sisters and parents at the house, and some of the story is also told through CCTV camera footage, after cameras are installed in the house. Various unexplained events occur, culminating in the deaths of all of the members of the Benson family."
Overall, I don't mind these kind of movies, but it's been done so many times. Probably a reason why it was released straight to video. 

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