mai 08, 2012


Hello Zombies.

Welcome to the Serial killer special.

Today we talk about the famous Ed Gein. Ed Gein influenced many horror movies such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" "Psycho" and "The Silence Of The Lambs"

Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein born August 27, 1906 – July 26, 1984) was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes, committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gathered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein hadexhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. After police found body parts in his house in 1957, Gein confessed to killing two women: tavern owner Mary Hogan, in 1954; and a Plainfield hardware store owner, Bernice Worden, in 1957.
Initially found unfit to stand trial, following confinement in a mental health facility he was tried in 1968 for the murder of Worden and sentenced to life imprisonment, which he spent in a mental hospital. The body of Bernice Worden was found in Gein's shed; her head and the head of Mary Hogan were found inside his house. Robert H. Gollmar, the judge in the Gein case, wrote: "Due to prohibitive costs, Gein was tried for only one murder — that of Mrs. Worden." With fewer than three murders attributed to him, Gein does not meet the traditional definition of a serial killer. 

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