august 02, 2012


So it's that time again... A new Calabrese album.

I'm just sitting here shaking my head, what's up with these guys, can't they ever make a boring cd? clearly NOT. They have done it again, a great new album filled with gore, blood, love and a twist of Punk Rock. The Traveling Vampire Show has always been my favorite album but "Dayglo Necro" fucking drives past "TTVS" and has actually turned out to be my favorite album from Calabrese.

The album delivers a fresh new sound, catchy guitar riffs, awesome bass lines, grim rocking drums and some charming throat vocals (actually a lot) Every song is just fucking awesome, catchy as hell, i just want to get in my hearse and turn this album up loud as fuck. Beware people, a haunting zombie hearse is coming your way, with big coffin speakers on the roof...  Is hard to find a album with all songs being good.... this is one of them.

This is their BEST album so far, i'm really digging this album to the MAX. Calabrese will always be the best top HORROR rock band out there...

Get a copy and turn up the speakers.

Wait..... no more songs? bummer.

Highlights on the album: All of them, but my favorites: Coffin Ruins, The Man Who Lived Twice, The Dead Don't Rise.

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