januar 22, 2013


It's been a couple of years since Requiem For The Dead released their debut album "Always and Forever" a album that sounded more punk/rock rather than the goth/vampire sound, we all were used to when Steven Juliano played in I Am Ghost. The band also went through a new line up change when Ty Oliver, the original guitarist decided to go a different way and focus on his new band "Fiction Killer" The band then recruited Ryan Heggum to take over the shredding business, and he fails to disappoint.

Memories is a album that could be taken out of a Tim Burton movie. The opening song is really creepy and eerie, but then, Steven Juliano has worked with Tim Burton. The EP doesn't give you a kick in the face, but focus on great dark nostalgic rush of rock n' roll, way more than "Always and Forever" and gives you great songs like "Poison Girl" -Scream out your name? The two of us were so pathetic. Rest in peace to poison girl and poison days "Ghost of Winter" -Carolyn, will you open up your eyes? Hold on and let's pretend tonight will never end. Even the cover of Cutting Crew's "I just Died In Your Arms Tonight"really fits very well on this EP.

The guys has done an incredible job and i instantly fell in love with this EP, wishing they actually made a whole album instead of an EP. There is a lot of emotion put into the creation of these songs, which you can easily hear. I love the new sound Requiem For The Dead has gone for, something i hope they will stick to in the near future. These guys will make it big if they continue going in this direction.

Memories will be out february 13th through Veda & Isis Studios.

1. Lost But Not Forgotten (A Suite) - Something that could easily be used in a Tim Burton movie, like "Alice In Wonderland" or on a I Am Ghost album. The song shows great sadness, female vocals, before Steven joins in on the end of the song. 

2. Poison Girl - Straight forward song that begins with a catchy sad piano before it kicks in with a vampiric rock tune.

3. Ghost of Winter - The best song on the album, with an opening of a radio that plays different tunes going back and forth, before a sweet clean guitar kicks in backed by a drum loop and piano parts. A song MEST could have done on their latest album "Photograph" highlighted by the catchy chorus line "Carolyn, will you open up your eyes?" 

4. Memories - "Does it hurt when the lights go out? They laid you down next to me", Steven sings, presumably with tears dripping down his chin on this beautiful acoustic song, backed up with sweet low cello's and piano's in the background. The melody is gripping and could remind you something from the early, The Used.

5. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - A really nice cover of the original done by Cutting Crew. 

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