februar 08, 2012


Hello Ghouls....

Calabrese is having a name the cd contest again for you fans out there. Just like they did with their latest album "Calabrese III: They Call Us Death" I think this is a really cool contest, and if you are huge fan of them you should def jump on the wagon and plot out some cool names. You might be the lucky winner if you have an awesome, killing title.

"This year we are going to do something different...allowing only allow 3 submissions per person -- so make them count!

The winner will see their winning title stamped on our music for all eternity, along with your name in the liner notes and a free advanced, signed copy of the CD!

You have only until April, Friday the 13th to submit your 3 best title suggestions to NewCdContest@CalabreseRock.com"

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